Garage Door Repair Austin

Why us

Let's talk about new doors.

ServiceBasix Garage Doors Austin TX started in 2018 in a tiny 10’x10′ rented office in Cedar Park.  Austin happened to be where the owners lived since the 1980s, and therefore it made sense to launch in the bat city.

ServiceBasix Garage Doors

specializes in installing new and repairing existing residential garage doors and openers.

This is what we figured out

We knew that being the cheapest garage door service in Austin couldn’t be our long-term differentiator. Being the cheapest is a “Susiphian Feat” because there’s always someone who will do something for less. Instead, we decided to focus our business model on delivering:

Live phone, text, and chat support vs. the dude on a ladder who can’t answer his phone

Customers should never be pressured into making a quick uninformed decision

Customers should never be pressured into making a quick uninformed decision

When you do everything right, customers will rave about it.

What People Are Saying About Us

We’re very proud of our people for getting hundreds of 5-star reviews. It’s not luck either. We hire people we like
(there could be a law against doing that, so please don’t turn us over to the authorities).
Of course, our folks succeed because they have a great attitude and
the right aptitude for garage door repair work.

Why do we emphasize Austin garage door repair work?

The truth is that garage doors don’t break all that frequently. Garage door springs and openers last six to twelve years — or about 8 years on-average with typical use.  That’s why most people have no clue what’s wrong with their garage door when it won’t open or close. It’s totally understandable. Your car has to be serviced every few months. It’s no wonder that your knowledge about cars is so much greater than garage doors.

your garage door also needs periodic preventative maintenance?

Think about it! The garage door is the most massive moving object in your home. Every time you press that button to raise or lower the garage door, parts are rubbing against each other.

Friction causes wear. Lubricant can help if everything is assembled correctly and aligned. But springs get weaker with use and eventually they break. Rails begin to develop some “play” as that heavy door binds a bit as it travels up and down. 

Garage door openers use plastic gear and sprockets that are often destroyed when a door isn’t correctly balanced.

Over time, the rollers wear out just like they do on rollerskates. When one or several rollers finally seize up, they can cause the door to go “off-track.”

That’s when catastrophic damage can occur to the door. If you continue to operate a door that is off-track, it may collapse on the ground — if you’re lucky”, or on your car or even worse, on a person — if you’re not.

Therefore, do a little maintenance every 6 to 12 months. Check all the nuts and bolts, and the cables for signs of wear, plus the rollers for lubrication. Make sure the door doesn’t bind as it travels up and down the tracks. Lubricate the rail to the opener and check that it’s securely anchored above the door and to the door. Check the door travel limits and test the force setting too.

… or for a few dollars, you can have us do all this and more while you relax!

Let's talk about new doors.

A new garage door can give you one of the highest ROI’s of any home remodeling project. Studies have found that it’s a better investment than redoing your bathroom.  

This makes a lot of sense when you consider that the garage comprises about 1/3 of the facade of a typical home when viewed from the street. An ugly old door makes the entire house look bad and therefore reduces its market value. Unfortunately, you can’t use that excuse to reduce the county and school property tax valuation.

When you’re ready for a facelift of your home, give us a call at (833) 222-2749. Make an appointment for a representative to step you through the process. And as with everything we do, there won’t be any pressure on you – WE PROMISE!

You’ll be presented with a choice of:

  • materials — steel, wood, glass, aluminum, fiberglass or vinyl. You can pick a combination of materials offered by the manufacturers we represent.
  • features — do you want to add hardware or insulation?
  • colors — limited only by your imagination

Once we’ve narrowed your choices, we will obtain pricing from the manufacturer so you can make the final buying decision. If you need financing, we can point you to specialist lenders.

We’re Austin homeowners too and we love the people and the lifestyle. Traffic is another thing … but they say you can’t have it all.

Austin neighborhoods and surrounding areas

Served by ServiceBasix Garage Doors

  • Zilker, 78704
  • Bouldin Creek, 78704
  • Travis Heights, 78704
  • South Lamar, 78704
  • East Riverside Oltorf, 78741
  • Montopolis, 78741
  • Southeast Austin, 78741
  • South Congress, 78704
  • West Gate, 78745
  • Garrison Park, 78745
  • Sunset Valley, 78745
  • Lost Creek, 78746
  • Rollingwood, 78746
  • West Lake Hills, 78746
  • Barton Creek, 78735
  • Oak Hill, 78736
  • Circle C Ranch, 78736
  • Manchaca, 78748
  • San Leanna, 78748
  • Southpark Meadows, 78748
  • Bluff Springs, 78744
  • Onion Creek, 78617
  • Mountain City, 78710
  • Buda, 78610
  • Kyle, 78640
  • Bear Creek, 78737
  • Cedar Valley, 78736
  • Bee Cave, 78738
  • The Hills, 78738
  • Steiner Ranch, 78732
  • North Shoal Creek, 78757
  • Allendale, 78756
  • Rosedale, 78756
  • North Loop
  • Hyde Park, 78751
  • Windsor Park, 78751
  • Mueller, 78723
  • Cherrywood, 78722
  • East Austin, 78702
  • Central East Austin, 78702
  • Downtown Austin, 78701
  • West End, 78701
  • Old West Austin, 78705
  • Central Austin, 78751
  • Tarrytown, 78703
  • Buda, 78610
  • Creedmore, 78610
  • Kyle, 78640
  • San Marcos, 78666