Garage Door Opener Repair


that we repair garage door openers every day? In fact, we repair more operators compared to installing new ones. Garage door companies make a lot more money replacing rather than repairing openers. We prefer repairing openers to save our customers money on their home maintenance. This differentiates us from our competitors. We save our clients money not because we want to be nice or because we’re poor business people. 

We do it so we can get repeat business. To be a low-cost service provider for our large national clients, we had to develop systems and processes to eliminate expenses. Our homeowner customers are also beneficiaries of this cost-saving alternative to replacing openers. We invested heavily in training our technicians to repair rather than replace openers.  The mindset to save our customers money has helped us expand our business.

Garage Door Opener Installation

We work on and sell several major brands of openers, including:

Liftmaster is the world’s leading manufacturer of garage door openers. They attained that position by catering to professional installers who demand reliability and quality. Pros understand that nobody wins if they have to go back to their customer to warrant a defective part. That failure is a reflection on them.

We prefer installing Liftmaster products because they build rugged openers with solid rails that make them some of the most durable operators in the market.

Their MyQ technology is becoming the dominant player in Wi-Fi controlled openers. MyQ received a major boost when Amazon selected MyQ as the backbone for the "Key for Prime" program. If you grant the Key App access to your MyQ system, an Amazon delivery person can place your packages safely inside the garage. You’ll be able to monitor all activities in real-time on you mobile devices from anywhere in the world.
Chamberlain and Liftmaster are made by the same company. The Chamberlain brand is available at major home improvement stores, while Liftmaster products are only sold to professionals through authorized distributors. A major difference between the two brands is that Chamberlain's rails are field assembled with 3 or more separate pieces. According to some, these rails are not as rigid as the single piece Liftmaster rails, which therefore shortens their life.
Craftsman Craftsman is also a white-labeled product built by Liftmaster. Lowe's recently added Craftsman to the Chamberlain, Genie, and Atoms line of openers they carry. The reviews for the Craftsman products have been excellent.
Genie lost some market share over the past several decades due to quality and reliability issues. They are working very hard to improve quality so the can regain the trust of consumers who recognize the strong brand name.
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